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 Posted: Wed May 4th, 2011 06:17 am
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LOL, you're quite on the money. But my name being is red is nothing I control. The board does it automatically - admin in red, moderators in orange, etc.

BTW, I admit I'm growing less tolerant of flamers. I'd much rather have 50 members willing to discuss and debate rationally and intellectually than 5000 who just want to start the hornet's nest up. There's a certain tone I want this board to have, and I'll do what I have to to keep it that way.

What folks like our most recent banned member don't realize is that probably 75% of our members are southern sympathizers. It's not that I object to that, in fact I could care less. But there's a "tone" I expect members to keep, and violating that will get someone banned. As far as I'm concerned the war ended 150 years ago. Some folks don't seem to realize that.

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