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 Posted: Thu May 5th, 2011 07:26 pm
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You also have to remember one thing. Lee knew his opponent. He would have not attempted this campaign against the likes of Grant. If you look at most of Lee's campaigns he did things that no other general would have done. He was a skilled tactician and very good at knowing his opponents strengths and weaknesses. LIL Mac was neither. I mean he had Lee's battle plans and still didn't believe it. He could have taken out most of the the confederate force, before Jackson arrived. I do believe that Lee would not have surrendered. The Army of N. Va would have be crippled and you wouldn't have had Gettysburg and the war would probably been over by 1863. The Union army had a chance to throw there overwhelming numbers at Lee while he had only about 1/2 of his army. And at that the Union would have had superior numbers advantage of ground. So if Mac had done what i said here the Confederates would have lost an enormous amounts of troops and moral. And i do believe that the war would have ended sooner. Cause if you really think about it, by 1863 the western theater was pretty much a Union stronghold. You had Bragg out there and Johnson and they really weren't able to bring any really strong victories. Just my 2 cents.

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