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 Posted: Fri May 6th, 2011 07:40 am
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Ok, after some of the comments in some of the threads here I'm a little currious about something. How many officers were politicians before and during the war. I'm not talking they had been politicians when the war began, gave their seat up temporarily to serve in the army, then got re-elected after their enlistment period was up or they resigned. I'm talking they were still serving as an elected offical at the same time they were serving in the army.

Clint Johnson mentions in Civil War Blunders that Edward D Baker was still serving as a Senator for the state of Oregon even while serving as a Colonel in the army. It's pointed out that at the time a general's commision meant Congressmen had to give up their seats and that Baker wasn't ready to do that. He also states that Baker often came into Senate sessions straight from the field where he made a big show of being an active duty officer before his fellow senators.

I don't know. I mean it was a different time and all, but to me I personally think that no matter the rank senators and representatives should have been forced to give up their seats in order to accept a commision .

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