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 Posted: Sat May 7th, 2011 12:12 pm
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Texas you are correct on the Lincoln reelection thing. If Hood had played defense around Atlanta would the South have been able to prevent its fall before the '64 election? It fell in August/September? Hood gets a lot of heat for his actions around the city but sometimes I wonder what choice did he have. It probably would have been another Vicksburg type of siege if he had retreated into the city defenses. He was definitely doomed in that situation.

My Grant comment about the war being over when he assumed command was a little exaggerated. But why I said it was because Grant was the general that Lincoln had been looking for since 1861. He delivered hard hits and was tenacious in going after Lee. He coordinated all the Union armies which was something Lincoln had pleaded with his generals to do since 1861. But they never would until Grant.

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