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 Posted: Tue May 10th, 2011 12:05 am
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Perry - Concerning the slight disagreement about whether Vicksburg is a park or a battlefield or both - I understand where you are coming from. It is a matter of semantics. My thinking came from this - ask somebody what comes to mind when you say the word park. Most people would say a place to enjoy recreation, with ballfields, soccer pitches, and playgrounds. Then ask people what they think of when you say battlefield. I don't think you will get the same answer.

If you visit a Memorial Park, it is a cemetery first and foremost - not a park in my mind. If you visit a Military or Battlefield Park, it is a battlefield and should be treated as such. I've pulled out my lunch and enjoyed eating at picnic tables at a few battlefields, and the word "Park" is in most CW battlefield site's names, so maybe they are parks in that sense. But I would sincerely have a problem with somebody that pulled out a frisbee. I suppose my issue comes with the people, and I have seen many of them, that don't feel that "something" underneath that you speak of and have no respect for where they are (see Kennesaw Mountain).

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