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 Posted: Wed Nov 8th, 2006 12:43 am
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Hi, Doc,

I saw "Stagecoach" for the first time recently and I loved it!  It moved to the top of my Ford favorites.  I taped it on Turner Classic Movies and transferred it to DVD.

Can I rank Ford's cavalry trilogy together?  "Fort Apache," "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon," and "Rio Grande" - I like all of them.

Ford assembled a repertory company and I get such a kick of seeing the same character actors over the years, Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr., Ken Curtis, and a few others.  Those three in particular appeared as older men in more recent westerns with Tom Selleck and/or Sam Elliott.  Both of whom I like a lot too.

"The Quiet Man" isn't on my list, nor is "The Searchers."  One's too green, the other's too dark for my taste.

The Duke wasn't much of an actor, he just played himself, which is OK with me.  I never saw him in a comedy or, perish forbid, a musical, as most movie actors had to do at least one.  On the other hand, I never saw Cary Grant in a western or musical either.

Other John Wayne films which I've always liked are "North to Alaska," "Hatari!", "Rio Bravo," and "McClintock."

In "How the West was Won," there is a short scene of Generals Grant and Sherman chatting.  Grant, who was 5'8", was played by John Wayne at 6'4".  Sherman, who was 6', was played by Harry Morgan, who was probably all of 5'8".

Recently I picked up some cheap DVDs of really old Wayne movies, when he was in his early 20s.  He had a cute grin, was handsome, slim, and a good rider.  All the plots were the same, filmed on the same location.  I swear I saw the same rocks in every movie.  But again, that's OK, it's just fun entertainment.


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