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 Posted: Tue May 24th, 2011 07:18 am
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:)Just joined wanted to share what I have learned after 30 years study.  A re-enactor and former VP of Austin Civil War Roundtable.  Have my BA in History.  I am pro South, but not a fan of Slavery, kkk, and the nazis, so don't label me like some did at the History Channel Discussion Board and I hope people here to be more open minded and not just take what some history teacher repeated from what they were told.  There are new facts to be learned.  Note I don't use the word truth.  No one has the corner on it and each as their vision what they think is true.  I just state fact.  Means sometimes one sounds mean, uncaring, rude, and anti-US which is far from the actual feelings.  But a fact is a fact weather we like them are not.

I am dyslexic and don't spell well and sometimes in typing drop a word out.  Like the word "not" which can really look bad.  Just take it out of the forth sentence in this intro and see what you get.  So be aware of this and know I am just a human, like everyone else here. 

Some of what I would lik to share is the new newspaper section for the Library of Congress web site.  Newspapers from around the Country starting in 1860 to today.  So go to Library of Congress and take a look.  Pick you favorite if it is there. 

Finding it very interesting that Lincoln and the abolishest are talking about slavery, the South is talking mostly about the taxes, and Republican's platform, and the Northerner about states leaving the Union.  But then I have only look at a couple of the newspapers from around the time S.C. is leaving the Union in Dec. of 1860.

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