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 Posted: Wed Nov 8th, 2006 01:36 am
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Tim, very late reply to your "bore-ing" question posted on 21 Jul 06.

I don't know anything about rifling patterns and such, but I can add a little tidbit about the guns you saw at Petersburg.

I have a friend near Richmond who is an NPS volunteer Civil War artillerist.  He told me that Fredericksburg has a new 12-lb. Napoleon, Richmond has a 3" ordnance rifle, and Petersburg also has a Napoleon.

If one of those parks is having a living history event with live firing demos, it might borrow from the other two parks to prove the big-bang theory.  (More is louder.)

For example, in Oct 2006 at Yorktown, Colonial National Historical Park, there was a big 4-day event commemorating the 225th anniversary of Cornwallis' surrender to Washington, 19 Oct 1781.  Part of the celebration was live firing of "Artillery through the Ages" from the earliest settlers in their 17-th century costumes with their little swivel guns the size of telescopes through the American Revolution and up to the Civil War.  Yorktown borrowed the two 12-pounders from Fredericksburg and Petersburg for this big occasion.

99% of the spectators and costumed living historians had no idea that Yorktown was also in the Civil War.  My artillery friends shot their two Napoleons (one crew wore blue, the other gray) and had a great time.  "Bigger rush," they said, compared to the ordnance rifle.


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