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 Posted: Mon May 30th, 2011 12:44 am
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Edmund Ruffin

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Hello all.
Ive been interested in the civil war since I was a boy.

Live in Liverpool England. Used to be a re-enactor for many years. One of the first members of the ACWsociety of North west England when it started in 1975(ish?) now called The American Civil war society.

Gave it up a number of years ago due to pressure of work, shifts etc. and now age is getting the better ofme, my knees are rickety and not up to it !

Keen wargamer 15mm ACW being one of my main interests usig Johnny Reb and similar rules. Two huge armies based on both sides on the first day of gettysburg. YES you read it right, I do have four divisions of the Army of Northern Virginia and Two Union Corp. At an average of 20 to 25 figures per regiment Ill let you do the maths to work out how many figures I have painted. From that it is a relatively simple equation to work out how head slapping crazy I am !!

My other joy is 1/6th scale figure collecting and creation, WWII and ACW, most of the latter I have put together from scratch, with bits and pieces from various kit manufacturers. OnceI figure out how I will post some photos.

I have visited quite a number of the civil war battlefields but my passion has always been for gettysburg and have spent days and days wandering the place.

Thats enough for now, I'll get to know you all better as time goes on Im sure.

Why Edmund Ruffin as my tag? He wasthe man who asserted that he firedthe first shot at Fort Sumter.

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