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 Posted: Mon May 30th, 2011 04:13 am
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Welcome, Edmund!! I also play Johnny Reb III.....I have 3 Conf. Divisions, 15mm....However, I have 16 figures per Regiment (4 stands with 4 figures per stand), 4 Regiments per Brigade, 4 to 5 brigades per Division. I also have approximately 2 Batterys per brigade, and a Brigade of Cav.....Also have supply wagons, cassions, Divison/Corp?Army command....Me, my wife & son have built houses & buildings, fences & roads for our 9x5 ft. game table.....We wouldn't mind sharing scenarios/ideas!!!

I am also a renactor with a Conf. Artillery Unit (Scott's TN Battery....

Nice to meet ya & hope to learn from ya!!!

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