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 Posted: Mon May 30th, 2011 01:38 pm
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Thanks all for the hello

Mark wrote:
Welcome Edmund! Its exciting to see another Johnny Reb gamer here! You have quite a few more troops than I do. I'm almost done with a division for each side. That's about all my kitchen table can handle at the moment. Again, welcome!



I pursuaded the club I attend to do a first day at gettysburg demonstration game at a show some years ago. The table, needless to say, was huge and to best cope with being able to move figures and to include the important areas of the field, was cross shaped with the top "spoke" offset to the left to include oak hill and the gap in the federal line. Four of us provided the figures, myself providing the bulk with Buffords Cavalry, 1st Corp and the two divisions of Hills corp that fought, all the terrain and the "icon" buildings such as the seminary which I scratch built. We used simplfied Johnny Reb II rules (I still prefer them), simplified so that we could better represent incidents and actions in real time. We had a preprepared hourly notice board so that people could see where the battle had reached at any time of day.

Needless to say, because we had built in key features of the battle- the gap between the two corp, rubbish moral for 11th Corp etc., despite my best efforts the outcome was markedly similar to the real thing.

Since then, because two of the original players no longer game, I have put together all of the units (plus a comparable sized Confederate cavalry unit to Bufords) so that I can put the game on in future without having to rely on anyone else other than to play(if I can find somewhere with big enough tables !). Obviously it also means that I can mix and match for all kind of scenarios and units big and small and with the reb cavalry added, actions at Culpepper and the like are feasible.

I've just retired and having inherited a big house intend to have a dedicated wargames room that will be able to handled pretty big games (still not on the size of Gettysburg though!!)....thats once I have done all the other jobs my wife wants doing !

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