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 Posted: Thu Jun 2nd, 2011 12:57 pm
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Doc Ce-

  The Founding Fathers were geniuses but they could not resolve the issue of slavery. Without the southern states, the Constitution could not have been ratified. The best that they could do was to institute partial measures such as banning the importation of new slaves in 1808.

  I believe that you are correct that the seeds for the Civil War were sown in the beginning of the Republic. As time passed, sectional differences became more and more profound, and it became more difficult to find compromises that were acceptable to both north and south.

  After many decades, two very different cultures developed. (Economic and philosophical). The: "Bonds of affection" between the sections became strained, and many began to view northern interests and southern interests as a kind of zero sum game. The westward expansion of the country continually forced these differences to be addressed, and eventually, many people (especially in the south) believed that the sections could not be reconciled. They believed that it was better that the sections should go their separate ways.

  "We are divorced, North and South, because we hated each other so."                    - Mary Chesnut

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