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 Posted: Thu Jun 2nd, 2011 03:38 pm
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Texas Defender wrote:   To me, the: "Hoary old trope" here is the contention that secession and the war were about slavery and nothing else. You have found a soulmate in Mr. Hall who chose to quote certain statements by those attending secession conventions and the state ordinances as well. No doubt Mr. Hall would discount the Kentucky Ordinance of Secession, just as you did when we went over some of this same ground in 2009. (See on this forum: "The Declaration of Independence" thread in the: "Other Civil War Talk" section).

Kentucky Ordinance of Secession  The Constitutional argument...


please note that Kentucky did *not* actually secede.
Perhaps they do not feel the ordinance compelling enough without a slavery component? or maybe leaving slavery out is an attempt to sway the large anti-secession and neutral population? or something else?
After all, there are fewer slaves in KY (both total and per capita) than the states further south.
The $3 billion value in US slaves dwarfs the capital in all other economic ventures: manufacturing, real estate, shipping, railroads and personal property.

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