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 Posted: Wed Nov 8th, 2006 02:06 pm
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Patty you may dislike the Searchers but you understand the theme of the movie .  Ethan goes to get her to kill her because she has been "spoiled"  He doesn't care what she thinks anymore.

I remember seeing the movie when it first came out.  It had Natalie Wood Jeffrey Hunter and John Wayne what more could you ask .  I didn't understand it then.  Of course there were many movies I saw then I didn't understand .  I always tell people I thought Trapeze was about learning to do the Triple .  hee hee. 

My favorite John Wayne movies are Big Trail because somewhere in it is my father, a 18 year old dam worker hired to do extra work because he could ride a horse. ,

Stage Coach   It has the perfect set of western chracters and there is that great Yakima Cannutt stunt with the stage and horse.

The Searchers because it I think is close to how it really was .  Ever hear of Cynthia Ann Parker? 

Rio Bravo  Hey I was a teenager when it came out and it has Ricky Nelson. 

They were Expendable  the non western in the group of favorites . Well it is a Western just set in World War 2. 


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