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the lost cause reading these statements and replys have been very interesting.i have givin much thought on the subject.there as been much debate over the causes of the war,almost as soon as the war was over.i believe both sides feel they are right.and can use many books and quotes too prove their case.just as the young and old men did in 1861-1865.and fought and died.based upon those beliefs.but i must confess.i dont understand why so much oppistion to the lost cause beliefs.yes i have read jubal early,.and longstreet.i know all the books that calls us lost causers.if our southern cause was not just.answer these questions.1 oral tradition passed down the years from our southern forefathers.2 if the war was over slavery. then the south could have laid down its arms and returned to the union.keeping their slaves.remeber lincolns speech.i would free some.i would free none.3 why was president davis never all know they wanted him hanged.he himself wanted a think maybe they thougt he might win.4 why was it when asked the cause a southerner was afightin.most said too defend his home.though most did not own slaves

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