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 Posted: Thu Jun 9th, 2011 06:46 am
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Hey, has anyone heard or know anything about something called Lindenmueller Coins or Lindenmueller Tokens? Just got a new book today, Armchair Reader: Civil War: Untold Tales of the Blue and Gray, and it has a story about these things. Aout how folks in the North, fearing an economic collapse, began hoarding their gold and silver coins so people like Gustavus Lindenmueller began creating their own "currency." Basically just tokens that could be used at their establishment in lieu of the offical coin of the realm, if you will. The way the book tells in, Lindenmueller Coins/Tokens became so accepted in NYC that the Third Avenue Railroad began accepting them as legitimate currency, believing Lindenmueller was going to honor them as anything more than the purchase of a meal or a few drinks at his establisment (the book says it was a bar, but looking at this article ( on The Civil War Token Societies site I'm not sure if it was a mere bar or a resturant). The way it goes, they went to turn in the token's they'd collected in lieu of actual cash fares on their streetcars only to have him laugh in their faces. Supposedly this and other such tokens prompted the federal government to issue the 2ยข coins which brought an end to such tokens.

I'm just looking to learn a little more about them.


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