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 Posted: Fri Jun 10th, 2011 02:45 am
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Thank you Mark, for your thoughts on the four questions I asked. But may I point out 1) oral tradition.The generation born during or soon after the war. Say1860-1880.Too use an example: My grandfather was a World War 2 and Koren War veteran. My dad was a Veitnam war veteran.Though neither spoke a whole lot about the wars. I did believe what they told me. When they did mention something. So I tend to think that the children of confederate veterans believed their fathers and grand fathers. More so than those that blockaded,starved,stole from, and killed their families. I do agree with you that written documentation is our best source today. But, so many confederate veterans, left none behind. Except oral tradition. I think that is why the southern spirit still lives on today. I know in my own family there is little documentation, but orally.  I tend to believe my family heritage. Passed on. I would suspect it is the same with alot of southern families. Even yankees. If our great grand fathers told the reasons they fought ,we tend to believe them. Not the victors of aggression. I must also say,I believe the lost cause to be the truth. And the lost cause myth,so called.Made up to cover the truth. 2) Could not the confederates have laid down their arms, returned to the union and kept thier slaves? Especially,in 61 and 62. Before  Lincoln used the Emancipation Proclamation as a war measure. To keep Britan and France from recognizing the Confederacy. Though the few owned slaves. 3) I think we agree upon President Davis'trail. 4) I have not read Joe Glathaars book. But, I am interested in checking it out. I would suggest a few books on the subject: Macferson's "What they fought for", Springers "War for what", Kennedy's "The South was right" and Dilorenzo's "The Real Lincoln".  I would like to ask you a question on another matter. In the movie "Gettysburg", Longstreet made the statement,"We should have freed the slaves, then fired on Fort Sumter." I have found no proof of this, do you know if this statement is fact or fiction? Thank you for your time.

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