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 Posted: Sat Jun 11th, 2011 12:10 am
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Mark thank you for your reply.I would like to bring up one issue that you mentioned.That is,you knew of no thinking of southerners wanting to free the slaves during that time period.I would like to point out that in the year 1863 Patrick Cleburne proposed sending a bill to the confederate congress, in which many of his officers signed.Govan and  Lowery included. In this bill , Cleburne proposed the freeing of any slave that took up arms and defended the confederacy.And also the slaves immediate family would be freed at the end of the war. Though this proposal never gained any ground. Until March 1865. When it was to late.As Patrick Cleburne said and I qoute, "As between the loss of Independence,and the loss of slavery,we assume that every patriot will freely give up the latter."I just wanted to mention this to show why I believe, that there where southerners ,on that line of thinking. Though not all, but some.My information for this came from Craig L. Symonds biography on Patrick Cleburne.(pages183-91,194-95). Thank you again for your time. As I said before in my first post this debate will probably go on for years to come. Its been 150 years. The issues and causes are still hot and controversial.













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