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 Posted: Sat Jun 11th, 2011 06:32 am
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but like it was said here...all the corps where they had to get back into line....that takes time...the 12th corps was at 1/2 strength...the 6th corp had taken up for Sickles when he went to the Peach orchard and came tumbling back. also they had alot of wounded and was it possible yes and also have to think of what there mission was the Union army. it was to be between the Confederate army and Washington, D.C. if Meade was able to get the 6th and 12th up and out right away then the war would have been over..but the other thing is i believe that there was a army of the confederates was in the Shenandoah valley too. so Meade had no idea of the strength of what Lee had left. and furthermore i think there was a sense of euphoria that they had actually beaten the rebels.

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