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 Posted: Sat Jun 11th, 2011 09:40 am
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There might have been more to it than whether or not the Army of the Potomac was in any shape and organized enough to follow the Army of Northern Virginia. He'd only been in command for a few days when the battle occured so he may have wanted to take a little time to sort some things out. But even without that idea the thing I'm actually looking at is his commanders and the troubles he'd have had with some of them. Sickles certainly didn't care for them and there's some question as to whether he misunderstood Meade's orders on July 2nd or whether he purposefully disobeyed them. Butterfield also appears to have disliked, if not hated, Meade. Now because of wounds both men recieved during the course of the battle neither was really around to cause Meade any troubles in trying to pursue Lee ASAP. But who else might have been there who might have had objections to his being the commanding general and caused him a little trouble. Howard could have been a little upset still that Meade had sent Hancock ahead of him to take command of the battle until he arrived. Howard was the ranking general on the field at the time Hancock arrived. Howard may have been a little upset about that still. And there may have been others who had their own reasons to hamper Meade so he may have had to deal with a little in fighting before he could even set out after Lee.

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