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 Posted: Sun Jun 12th, 2011 01:57 pm
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While we are in the thread of the Lost cause. I would like to post some,Quotes of the men of the Confederacy. First off  A President Davis letter to his wife in February 1861. That no matter what the result of the conflict was, the slave property of the South will be lost. If I could take a moment here to ask a question. Why, in the name of sense. Would you fight a war to keep slavery, If you knew slave property, Would be lost no matter what the out come of the war?And still I must say, I can not imagine, eighty percent or more,of the confederate soldiers that did not own slaves. Going through four years of grueling  hell, to give a rich man his right to keep a slave. Even if forty six percent had strings attach to it. What about the other fifty four percent? Now I would like to quote Jubal Early.Writing in November,1866 Early says, Nevertheless,the struggle made by the people of the south was not for the institution of slavery, but for the inestimable right of self goverment,against the domination of a fanatical faction at the north.(A memoir of the last year of the war for Independence. Jubal A. Early). Now I would like to quote a soldier in the ANV. Quote: I was a soldier in Virgina in the campaigns of Lee and Jackson,and I declare I never met a southern soldier who had drawn his sword to prepetuate slavery.... What he had chiefly at heart was the preservation of the supreme and sacred right of self goverment. It was a very small minority of the men who were financially interested in the institution of slavery.(Kennedys The south was right). I would like to comment here, that many would say, The souths right of self goverment,was to keep a man in bondage. But I would argue, It was the souths right to throw off oppressive goverment, oppressive tariffs and opposing cultures.I have many more quotes I could share. But I will only use one more, for the sake of time and space. I keep it in my living room. I read it quite often, especially,when viewing a civil war program, or a civil war book.Which I do very often.  Especially, when on the program, or in the book a highly recognized historian is telling me the lost cause is a myth. I quote:Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy,that our youth will be trained by northern school teachers their version of the war,will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors,and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision. PATRICK CLEBURNE. Shortly, before he was killed in the battle of Franklin. DEO VINDICE.

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