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 Posted: Sun Jun 12th, 2011 10:22 pm
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Hello my name is Pender. I live in the blue ridge mountians of North Carolina, With my wife and two boys. I have been interested in the war since a young age. I have found the threads very interesting. I must admit, I am a bit southern sided. I had 23 ancestors in the confederate army. One in the 6th N.C. Nine in the 16th N.C. Seven in the 29th N.C. One in the 54th N.C. Two in the 55th N.C. Three in the 58th N.C. A bit proud of it. If any one has any thing on the 16th N.C. Regiment(Penders Brigade, A.P. Hills Divison,Stonewall Jacksons Corp)please share.The16th is my passion. Out of my 23 ancestors. Four where killed in battle. Two died of disease. Most was wounded,some more than once. My favorite is regimental history,Especially A.P. Hills light divison. My favorite federal is Hancock. I dont know why, he made it rough on the family:X.I look forward to meeting all of you. Debating some. Learning a wealth of knowledge, from members of the board. Will seem nice to have some friends, with their love, of the history in this time period.

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