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 Posted: Wed Nov 8th, 2006 04:28 pm
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I think it is a toss up between The Searchers and The Man who Shot Liberty Valence as to which is my favorite John Wayne/John Ford movie.

Also although the Cynthia Ann Parker story is thought to be what The Searchers is based on, it is actually based on a slave named Britt Johnson who went searching for his family after they were captured in the Elm Creek Raid of 1864.  His wife was a white woman and Johnson was in east Texas at the time working for the Confederate Army as a teamster. 

See the following links:

Alan Le May just didn't think 1950s America was ready for a black hero married to a white woman so he changed up the characters.  David Smith has a nice discussion about this in his great book Frontier Defense in the Civil War: Texas' Rangers and Rebels (available from the Texas A&M Press I might add) 

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