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 Posted: Wed Jun 15th, 2011 02:32 am
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Hank, I thank you, for the complement of reinforcing Lost Cause history. As I said in an earlier post. I believe the version of history, That you would call a myth. You could say, I agree with you in reverse. Soon after the war, The northern Politicians and newspapers quickly went to work. Publishing their version of the war, and covering up their atrocities against the men, women and children of the Confederacy. I am only thankful these men and women where wise enough to give us the true history of the lost cause. Before the radicals eroded away all truth. As for southern collective memory forgeting pre war experience, I doubt it. It was carried in thier flesh, As wounds and scars, loss of limbs and the loss of loved ones. That they earned in battle in places such as Gettysburg, Chickamuaga ,Chancellorsville and Petersburg. If you will note in the above post.The President Davis letter is 1861. So is Patrick Cleburnes prophecy(1864). As far as prewar motives, being replaced by postwar motives. What motive could they possibly possess after the war. But for food,shelter,clothes and rebuilding their lives. Their bid for INDEPENDENCE, was snuffed out by big and oppersive goverment.I would also argue with you that their prewar memory was not created as you suggest.The point is the lost cause was passed on to their descendants. And became a part of southern culture. That could not even be left alone by the radicals. All the south ever wanted was to be left alone. Every thing southern,Has to be probed by, and put down. Is there any thing in southern poems,writings, and books(etc)that dont have to be called incorrect. Think about it.As for putting the blame on the victors for their misery. I believe most invading yankees did cause quite a stir. Plus blockades,burning homes and crops did not help any. Even killing the live stock. Yes I believe they caused alot of misery, and may I say hatred. Have you ever thougt that when the north moved in the Industrail age, that quite possibly the south did not want to move in it. Maybe they liked Argrarin society.I do find it interesting that in Grants memoirs he stated, if left alone, the south would have established a real and respected nation. I would agree with you on your last point about the enriching a few, and impoverishing much of its population. The carpet baggers and northern politicians got rich off of southern property and goods. Plus about every thing else they had. Not even to mention the tax put upon southerners, To pay northern troops. While they impoverished much of the southern black and white popultion.



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