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 Posted: Fri Jun 17th, 2011 12:40 am
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Thank you Mark, For your question. I would say,That I agree with the majority of the lost cause books, letters,and histories. Of the old south. I would also agree with their statments. The war was lost. Due to the man power,resources,and navy(etc). I would also argue that the lost cause was not a movement. But simply their histories. Modern lost causers. I can not speak for others,but me personally, I believe you could sum up my point of you in the postwar writings . Do I think the south could have won the war. Looking at all the above mentioned,I will say it is hard to phantom. The loss of the mississippi. The blockade. But I must say one figure comes to mind Stonewall Jackson. I know there is a lot of what ifs. And alot of speculation. But lets say he was not killed at Chancellorsville,took Culps hill at gettysburg,and won the battle. The southern army marches into Washington. This is all speculation I know. As panicked as Lincoln was about Washington. Would have he gave in if the whole southern army marched in. I know this has been short. Maybe later we can get into more detail. Let me ask you Mark,if you dont mind. What made you interested in this subject?  


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