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 Posted: Fri Jun 17th, 2011 03:48 pm
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You seem to have difficulty with quoting sources.

Yours is: "In the south no opposition was allowed to the goverment which had been set up.And which would have become real and respected if the rebellion HAD BEEN successful."

The actual qoutation is a single sentence ( no period between 'up' and 'and' ). The sentence's subject is the 'opposition to the government' and anything occuring later in the sentence refers to the subject(the 'opposition').

It could also mean that Grant believed in the two-party system and that the 'opposition' (hereto suppressed) that would become 'real and respected', but I doubt that is his meaning.

There is a fundamental difference between a 'government' and a 'nation'. Governments (and their authority) come and go; nations continue. Grant says nothing of a confederate 'nation'. That word is inserted in your imaginery quotation.

In general, in response to your final few sentences, the North believed the 2 sections are stronger united than apart...


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