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 Posted: Sat Jun 18th, 2011 11:22 pm
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TD-not if you believe that those millions of people have been hoodwinked and hijacked into secession by a aristocratic planter class (I'm not saying that is true, but that was the prevailing wisdom of most northerners until about mid-1862). Beyond that, you have the rule of law. As most northerners saw it, if the rebellion was allowed to succeed, it would prove to the world that men could not govern themselves and the American experiment with democracy had failed. If the states could withdraw from the Union at will, it could only end in the complete balkanization (to use a 20th century phrase) of North America and eventually anarchy and despotism. Once again, I'm not saying that is a true characterization of what would have happened, and I'm not commenting on the constitutionality of secession (if pressed I would say that most of the founders probably would have supported the right of secession-at least in their lifetimes). I'm just trying to explain why the Northern people would not allow the South to depart peacefully.

Pender, I've yet to get out my copy of Grant's book and find the quote, so it would be silly of me to comment on it without seeing the context. I'll try take a look at it later this weekend. Cheers all!


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