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 Posted: Fri Jun 24th, 2011 01:26 pm
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The US forces had signal corps troops on the little hill using semaphor to relay notice of opposing troop movements to HQ. The ability to get info. to the guns in a timely manner was not in place due the the fact it was not accepted tactics at that time. Once again the majority of the guns did not have the capability beyond line of site.

The smoke from the guns once engaged would have made viewing signal flags nearly impossible.

 The ledge on the little hill was basically parelell to seminary ridge so Haslett's US guns could be used to advantage, I think only one section. It would not have been able to effectively be used by CSA guns to enfilade the US line as it was too narrow facing the East. The timber on the big hill would have been cleared to allow access for the guns and a field of fire. This would have taken too much time to have been of benefit. 

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