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 Posted: Mon Jun 27th, 2011 07:12 pm
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Pender, I don't think anyone is arguing that the Confederate armies were virtually always outmanned and outgunned on the battlefield and generally preformed heroicly throughout the war. The question is, was defeat inevitable? The orginial lost cause writers like Early and Gordon argued that the inbalence in materiel and manpower made it impossible to win, and the important thing to take away from the war was Southern valor against impossible odds. I would suggest that those writers were wrong in their assessment and that he Confederacy had several important advantages such as war aims and geography. I think it is concievable to see the Confederacy achieving its independence as late as the Northern elections of 1864 (note how quickly the Confederacy crumbled after it was clear that the war would continue as long as Lincoln was in office). The Confederates were simply unable to use their advantages to overcome the Federal advantages in numbers and industry.


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