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 Posted: Wed Jun 29th, 2011 12:41 am
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HankC wrote: "After the war, If the union was fighting to free the slaves. Why not free the slaves, take them north. And let the south go in peace. If to preserve the union, that the south did not want to be a part of. WHY? "

This is an interesting point, but begs the question: why should the freed slaves leave?

After all, they are on the 'winning' side. why not keep the freedmen and kick out the white confederates?

The short answer, of course, is they *all* are Americans and the south is their home.

No one is forced to leave. no gulags are created, there are no trails of tears or forced migrations.

In 1865, new rights are given to many, which also means new responsibilities are given to others to respect those rights...


I did not say the slaves should have been taken north. My question was why did the union not take them north? Point being ,if they were so concerned about them. Why not take them and help feed and educate and help them get their new life started. It is my understanding that Lincoln wanted to send them back to Africa or colonize them. As he did not believe the white and black race could live together. As far as kicking out the white confederates, I would asume the north did not want to contend with guerrilla warfare. If you will study the near ending of the war,a great concern of the union was Lee and Johnston disbanding their armies for guerilla warfare. It was suggested by General Edward Porter Alexander. So I believe if you try to kick out confederates from their homes you would have yourself a guerilla war. I think it interesting that most slaves stayed on with their fromer masters as share cropers. Imagine that,staying on with them ol mean slave owners. Had the freedom to go north and they stayed south. Seems strange also you called the south their home. Would not have figured you would have called them slave huts a home. Also why would the south want to respect any northern puppet goverment. Set up during reconstruction,after being stripped of all their rights. Forced as slaves to stay in a union they wanted no part of.                                                     


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