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 Posted: Sat Jul 2nd, 2011 03:15 am
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Pender, though I haven't the time to look up those stories you reference in the slave narratives, I would be very careful using them as a source. The biggest problem is that you have to know who the interviewer was and where the interview was done. You get two very different stories about how former slaves felt about the war depending on the skin color of the interviewer and whether the interviewee felt that there might be repercussions for his or her comments. Though I can't remember the name off the top of my head, there was one instance in the Slave Narratives where a black man gave the "Gone with the Wind" story of happy paternalism to a white interviewer and then a few weeks later told a black interviewer how he sabotaged his master's farm implements and often engaged in acts of carefully controlled disobedience behind his master's back. I'm not saying the stories you give aren't in the Slave Narratives, just be very careful when citing them as sources.


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