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 Posted: Sat Jul 2nd, 2011 01:30 pm
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Mark, about all of the bits I posted came from the Federal writers project 1936-1938, Slave Narratives. I will give the name of the source of my post and the interviewers name, and state. Charity Anderson, Interviewer: Ila B. Prine and Ira S. Jordan. WPA Slave narrative project, Alabama Narratives, Vol. 1. Walter Calloway, Interviewer: W.F. Jordan. WPA Slave narrative project, Alabama Narratives Vol.1. Tempie H. Durham, Interviewer: Travis Jordan. WPA Slave Narrative project, North Carolina Narratives, Vol.2 part 1. Clayton Holbert, Interviewer: Leta Gray. WPA Slave N arrative project, Kansas Narratives Vol. 6. Rev. H.H. Edmunds, Interviewer: Albert Strope, Federal writers project, Indiana Narratives. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Smith, Interviewer: Henrietta Karwowski, Federal writers project, Indiana Narratives. Maybe this will help some Mark. But I must tell you I do not know the color of the interviewers. But it does seem that they are all federal writers. Maybe WE can not trust them. Just a joke. Mark awhile back I added manna to your profile by mistake. I do not know if that is good or bad. If bad please forgive me, If it is good than that is just fine.    Pender

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