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A.P. Hills division formed in mid June 1862. Many historians have called this division Lees shock troops. Bringing on the Seven Days Battle. Also saving Jacksons command at Cedar Mountain, And taking the brunt of the waves of men Pope sent against Jacksons lines at Second Manassas. Thier attack at Chantilly or Ox Hill, Thier role in taking Harpers Ferry. Then they saved the confederate army at Sharpsburg. At Fredricksburg it was the gap in thier lines that Meades brigades was able to penetrate. The light division taking some of the highest confederate casualties at Fredricksburg. They were on Jacksons great flanking march at Chancellorsville, and in the brunt of the next days fighting. It was the light divison that pushed the union troops through the streets of Gettysburg the first day, and on the third day as remnants awaiting for the assault on the center.When Lee passed by and saw thier condition of the first days battle, He said These men should not make this charge, they should be sent too the rear. After Gettysburg they were in the Overland Campaign, the siege of Petersburg, and were in the firing of the last shots at Appomattox. The division commanders were A.P.Hill, William D.Pender and Cadmus M.Wilcox. The division was changed some after Jacksons death, Archers and Brockenbroughs brigades were given to Heths divison. The organization of A.P.Hills light division in 1862 was, First Brigade, Brig. Gen. C.W. Field, 40th,47th,55th,60th Virginia. Second Brigade, Brig. Gen. Maxcy Gregg, 1st,12th,13th,14th,South Carolina.1st South Carolina Rifles. Third Brigade, Brig. Gen. Joseph R.Anderson, 14th,35th,45th,49th Georgia.3rd Louisiana Battalion. Fourth Brigade, Brig. Gen. L.O'B. Branch, 7th,18th,28th,33rd,37th North Carolina. Fifth Brigade, Brig. Gen. J.J. Archer, 5th Alabama Battalion, 19th Georgia, 1st,7th,14th Tennessee. Sixth Brigade, Brig. Gen. William D. Pender, 16th,22nd,34th,38th North Carolina. 22nd Virginia Battalion. ARTILLERY: Liet. Col. Lewis M. Colemon. 5 Virginia Batteries, 2 South Carolina Batteries and 1 Maryland Battery, Plus Masters Battery. Of course they were in Stonewall Jacksons Corp. I would like a discussion on this division. Were they indeed the hardest hitting division in the confederate army? What did the men that made up the ranks in these regiments say of themselves? Or there letters, diaries out there? Did you have an ancestor in any of these regiments? Did you have union ancestors that fought against them? What did they say about A.P. Hills Light Division? What are the regimental histories of these men? What does the union regimental histories say about them? What was thier position on the battlefields? What was the unoin positions that opposed them? Give your opinion of this regiment.

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