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 Posted: Wed Nov 8th, 2006 05:53 pm
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Hi Widow!

  I knew about "Matilda" in Fredericksburg, although I haven't heard her "sing" yet as my son put it the other day.  I'll be up there before Christmas (and the week after) so I'm hoping to have a chance to do so.  I didn't know the other two for sure, but when I was attending the events at Cold Harbor this past June, a group representing a gun from the Richmond Howitzers was there with their ordnance that the same one?

   I've been interested in the basics of the Civil War years and years but only recently discovered just how fun the technical details can be.  I guess I grew up some.  I just recently procured a copy of Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War, and am getting a real "Charge" out of it.  During his trip to take care of one of our family gravesites in PA, I had my father chase down a pair of 4" (or so) Parrot Rifles in concrete at the Emporium Cnty courthouse.  I had him get a few pictures so we could see what story they could tell us.

   My kids seem to be getting interested in the places I take them, they may be just humoring me, they're kind of young, but I figure if they get hooked early so much the better.  My wife thinks I'm nuts. :?

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