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 Posted: Wed Nov 8th, 2006 05:58 pm
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I believe I'm the oldest one in here, as I was born in 1941. Laramie, Wyoming, is my home town. It was built in 1867, with the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad. Wyoming had barely enough people to qualify for statehood in 1896. So there is no town tradition connected with the Civil War, just with cowboys and railroads.

As a little girl, I saddled up my bike, said Giddyap, and went off in the sagebrush with my two six-shooter cap pistols, lookin' for bad guys, just like Roy and Gene. Our family vacation trips were to the great national parks out west, camping, hiking, fishing, sightseeing. They were unforgettably wonderful, but not history-oriented.

Before the Civil War, of course, the army had a number of forts in the Wyoming part of Nebraska Territory, but who would want to visit Fort Laramie? It's not in the mountains!

What's more, we had no ancestors in the war, so again, the family interest didn't reach in that direction.

I've always loved history and geography, but my career in the Federal Government was in international affairs. At one point my knowledge of Russian history was better than of American!

After my husband died in 2001, it took several years to restructure my life. And in 2005, I found what I was looking for. The Civil War. And the Civil War community.

So I may be an old lady off to a slow start, but I'm catchin' up as fast as I can.

I'm interested in battlefield preservation. And as I said in my "Introduction" post, more and more I'm interested in WHY they fought, as well as HOW they fought.

As for what we call ourselves, I prefer to think of myself as an enthusiastic tourist through the mid-19th century. Enthusiastic about learning. Tourist because I don't DO anything, I just absorb what others have done.


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