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 Posted: Fri Jul 8th, 2011 07:00 am
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I think you've already pushed the book without maybe realizing it, javal. The last writing contest you just held, lesser known battles. Seems to me most of the books that aren't about individuals or the war as a whole are about major battles and most folks don't realize how important some of the lesser battles can be. I've recently seen someone dismissing the lesser battles as such. I think a lot of folks could stand to learn more about them.

Also maybe a book about the Hunley and the Alligator. I know there were other subs involved in the war, mostly on the Southern side. But right now I can only think of these two actually being confirmed as having undertaken missions. Certainly they seem the most famous for their sides, and the Alligator is less known than the Hunley. Maybe a book discussing just these two and comparing and contrasting them. There's already several on just the Hunley.

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