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 Posted: Wed Nov 8th, 2006 06:20 pm
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My favorite CW Song has to be the Battle Cry of Freedom....both versions.

Of course that my have something to do with a comical scene with an Uncle of mine (From Northern PA) who was fond of singing parts of the yankee version.  When he was down visiting my father, and I was up doing the same my son and I started in on a few "seldom known" verses...leaving out the chrous until the end.

It began "Our flag is proudly floating
                o'er the land and o'er the main,
                Shout! Shout! the Battle Cry of Freedom!
                Beneith it oft we've conquered
                And we'll conquer oft agian!
                Shout! Shout! the Battle Cry of Freedom!" 

and so forth.

The look on his face when Andrew and I Broke into the course of "OUR DIXIE FOREVER!  She's never at a loss!" reminded me of that Master Card commercial....priceless. :D


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