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 Posted: Fri Jul 15th, 2011 02:17 am
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Meteorology fascinates me. I would like to see a book on how weather impacted Civil War operations. Just one example of many that come to mind--the days-long torrential rains that plagued Lee's retreat and Meade's pursuit of Lee after the Battle of Gettysburg.

Recently lightning hit a tent occupied by Civil War reenactors near Gettysburg. I have often wondered how many times lightening struck Civil War combatants and horses or mules.

Another factor was heat in summer operations. Many men fell by the wayside, victims of heat exhaustion, even heat stroke. Some died from excessive heat and over- exertion in the heat on marches and during extended battles.

I would love to see an expert in the weather of the mid-1860s who is also an expert on the Civil War write about hurricanes, floods, heat, drought,lightening, freezing cold, ice storms, mud, hail and so on and how each of these may have been the determining factor in victory or defeat. Also, how many men were lost because of constant exposure to the harsh elements.

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