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 Posted: Wed Nov 8th, 2006 06:36 pm
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Well, Tim, you are nuts, aren't you?  I mean, going around to look at old pieces of junk and places where dead guys are buried.  In all kinds of weather.

To fill in with a few more details from my friend the NPS volunteer artillerist:

The park not only owns the gun, but supplies the black powder and transports gun and limber to the place where the living-history event is held.

The volunteer artillerists aren't members of a named group which goes to reenactments, they just go to the place where the park wants them.  The park issues the uniforms, blue or gray, depending on the event.  The men bring their own caps, accoutrements, and footwear.  Some of them may bring tents and camp out, but my friend says he's too old for sleeping on the ground.

For safety reasons, the park supervises the training of the volunteers, and no other artillery reenactors or guns are allowed.  So the "Richmond Howitzers" you saw at Cold Harbor were most likely NPS volunteers who portrayed that outfit on that particular day.  My friend usually is #2 when they're firing.

My friend and the rest of the artillery crew all live in the Richmond area.  They participate in events at the Fredericksburg, Richmond, and Petersburg parks.

Hope this adds to the list of questions you'll ask at the next event.  Patty

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