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 Posted: Wed Nov 8th, 2006 06:48 pm
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Fuller, a glazed-over expression?  Never!  Intense interest, more likely.

You're from Lander and learned more about Civil War and frontier Army history than I did.  I've never visited either Fort Casper or Fort Laramie, and now I regret it.

In 1962 I left Laramie the day after my last final exam at the university (I lived at home while attending UW).  My major was international affairs with 3 foreign languages, so there wasn't any future for me in the Cowboy State.  I visited the folks while they still lived there, but they left in 1970.  In 1992 my husband and I went there, just to show him the house, the school, etc.  It was November, cold, dry, windy, and we weren't used to the altitude.  My eyes saw the beauty there.  His eyes were glazed over.  That's probably my last trip to Laramie.

I've got battlefields to visit!  Patty

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