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 Posted: Wed Jul 20th, 2011 06:02 pm
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JoanieReb wrote:

"My favorite heavy artillery weapon of the war is the "Swamp Angel", the 16500-pound rifled Parrott cannon with an eight-inch bore and using a 17-pound powder charge.  It was used to shell the city of Charleston, but did not last very long as it broke free from its special platform in the swamp. It was also one of the first known uses of a compass to aim artillery fire."

Holy wow! Sounds impressive...looks impressive, too, I'll bet, but apparently not that's what wikipedia has to saw about the Swamp Angel at Charleston:

"Between August 22 and August 23, the Swamp Angel fired on the city 36 times (the gun burst on the 36th round), using many incendiary shells which caused little damage and few casualties..." (wikipedia 20/07/11)

Hmm..too much brawn, not enough brains (for artillery, that is).

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