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 Posted: Mon Jul 25th, 2011 03:46 pm
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arooper wrote: Who was the Union commander who jumped on a gun at Missionary Ridge and Grant had to tell him to fall back? I believe this was the same Union general who nearly obliterated Bragg's HQ on the ridge.
If you are referring to the troops who were to take the rifle pits at the base and just kept going to the hill crest could you be speaking of Sheridan? He was reported to have straddled a gun to get some height and encourage his troops there.  A relative of mine Col Charles Harker (name sake of Ft Harker Ks) also jumped on a gun there after seeing the commanding general do that. He picked a gun that had been fired more recently and scorched his buttocks. By accounts I have read he did not travel by horseback for over a week!

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