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 Posted: Mon Oct 17th, 2005 10:27 pm
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Thanks for the review, I just found this book at my local library and look forward to reading it.  I've been taking a break from non-fiction lately and  have just finished E.L. Doctorow's The March   and Widow of the South by Robert Hicks.  I enjoyed reading both books, but The March had too many characters and therefore I couldn't really gain a feeling for any of them.  I much preferred Sherman's March a novel by Cynthia Bass for a fictional treatment of the Georgia and Carolinas campaign.  Widow of the South   I liked quite a bit, it made me feel that I knew the McGavock family and paid a great tribute to Carrie McGavock.  However, I was a little put off by the love Carrie Felt for the fictional Arkansas soldier portrayed in the book.  It seemed that maybe Mr. Hicks wanted to paint her in an unhappy marriage, and placed John McGavock as a typical slave holder who once had sexual relations with a young slave woman on a relative's plantation.  Did these things really happen?  If so, then I have no problem with them.  If they are artistic license to make the story more "interesting" I don't much care for their inclusion.  Overall, though, I prefer Howard Bahr's The Black Flower  for a fictional work on the battle of Franklin.   Anyway, my two cents on a couple of recent books, and a thank you for reviewing this newer title. 


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