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 Posted: Wed Jul 27th, 2011 04:32 am
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ole wrote: "Bubba" can be taken two ways. Some will find it jocular; some will find it insulting.

"Bubba" may be the 6'6" 400-pound man you might have to share a cell with for the next ten years. Or he might be the guy you spend a whole night with drinking beer and telling jokes.

He might be the guy that you spend all night with hunting raccoons with or the guy that flips you off while cutting closely in front of you in traffic.

It might be associated with "trailer trash" or it might be your best buddy.

Or he might be the guy in your baby sisters class in high school who tended to stick up for half the girls in the class. That was the case with one of the guys in my baby sister's class, guy was nicknamed Bubba (guessing because he was a big guy though certainly not 6'6" 400lb) and if he considered the girls friends of his he'd stick up for them even against his own buddies.

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