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 Posted: Fri Jul 29th, 2011 08:34 pm
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Hello all,

I was just wondering if anyone here has a particular interest in North Carolina's participation in the battle? And if so, what resources have you found about it? I have found a large amount of material concerning Pender's and Pettigrew's Divisions, but have found little about the Tar Heels in Rodes' Division.

So since this is a rather broad topic, let me narrow it, apart from the book question above, what is your favorite North Carolina unit and what did they do at Gettysburg?

Mine is Lane's and Daniel's Brigades- I have ancestors in both.

Day 1, Lane's brigade helped to hold the Confederate position on McPherson's ridge and had minor participation driving the Union from Seminary Ridge. Daniel's brigade helped support Iverson's Tar Heels near Shead's woods and helped to drive the PA Bucktail brigade off McPherson's Ridge.

Day 2- Daniel's brigade assault's Culp's Hill along with Johnson's Division.

Day 3- Lane's brigade participates in the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge.

Daniel's brigade survives the Union onslaught early on the 3rd and supports what is left of Johnson's defensive line. 53rd NC on the extreme left of the brigade- Company I on the total flank.


So what other Tar Heel topics are you all into?

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