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 Posted: Fri Jul 29th, 2011 08:48 pm
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For me, it is many of the things the others have stated- but for me it is mostly finding out as much as I can so that I can pass on their stories. Even though their personal stories may never be told as only two of my ancestors left stories behind either penned by themselves or through family tradition, I still can say to my future children or grandchildren, "Your ancestors fought for a cause in which they believed. They fought here and were wounded here, they died or returned home to raise a family. For me it is trying to find a personal connection with these people whose lives were forever changed by this war.

And for me, I like to try and find and visit their graves, as it is the closest thing I will ever get to being in their prescence. I want to be able to share their history and to be able to portray them during reenactments. For the 150th Gettysburg I intend to portray a Confederate for the July 3rd attack, with me I am going to take photos and the names of my ancestors who made the Assault on the 3rd. For me it will be marching in their footsteps on an anniversary of note- also my GGG Grandfather in the 28th NC died in 1905 on July 3rd, 42 years after he made the charge. So it will be a way to honor and remember him.

That's just my take on it.

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