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 Posted: Sun Jul 31st, 2011 03:19 pm
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Has any one seen Civil War Combat's,  the battle of Franklin ? I think it was one of the best of the series. I have read a few book's on the battle, but a couple of thing's were brought to my attention in this episode. Number one was when the confederate army of Tennessee marched into the state of thier name sake. Someone had placed a banner that read "Tennessee a grave or a free home". Does anyone know much about this ? Was it a citizen that placed this banner was it a soldier? Maybe no one know's. But if any one does I would like to hear about it. Number two after the fiasco at Spring Hill. Gen. Hood was in a rage with his genreal's for letting the union army pass unmolested. In effect Gen. Hood called the confederate army of Tennessee coward's. Gen. Forrest took out his sword and threaten to kill Hood. According to the episode a young girl was serving the officer's cookies when this happen's. She is immediately asked to leave after this happen's. The source of this story come's from her. Would any of the member's like to elaborate on this story?


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