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 Posted: Tue Aug 2nd, 2011 05:05 pm
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I like the Texans (but not as much as the Broncos). I think their best off-season addition, by far, is Wade Phillips. A below average head coach, but arguably one of the best D-coordinators in the league. Kubiak, Phillips, Rick Dennison (O-coordinator) are all very good coaches, and are all from the Broncos. In fact, many of the position coaches followed Kubiak from Denver to Houston. I wish them well. Unfortunately, the stench left by Josh McDaniels and his cheating "New England way" are still lingering here in Denver. The mess he left may take years to clean.

And even after two years, my stance on Vick has not changed either. He has done his time, paid his dues, and continues to be a model citizen. In one of the few instances that I can think of, prison did what it was supposed to do. Vick appears to be a changed person and I hope he continues to mentor children on how not to be like the old Michael Vick.

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