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 Posted: Wed Aug 3rd, 2011 05:06 pm
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Tim- I tried to become a Titans fan, I really did. True story - I'm staring at a Troiani panting on my wall as I type this. The picture hangs there because of the hole I punched in the wall during the Superbowl in 2000. But in the end I realized I was forcing myself to be a fan. The Eagles had been my team for over 40  years, and I couldn't stop rooting for them just because I moved. It took them signing Vick to do that.

But I do pay attention to the Titans (and all teams) because I belong to 6 different fantasy teams each year. Hasselback could be considered an upgrade I guess, but not much of one. He's over-the-hill with a bad back. CJ is a monster, but when you have only one outstanding player on your team, it's much too easy for the opposing team to key on him.

So we disagree yet again. BUT.......get ready for this........I agree with you about Fisher. Dumb move. Yes, it was time for a change, but a change on the field, not the sidelines.

At least Vince Young is gone. IMO a mentally unbalanced player. Which of course make him a perfect backup to the generally unbalanced Vick.

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