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I would agree that each honors his/her ancestors in their own way.  For me, I have ancestors on both sides of the civil war.  For both I am find where they are buried, what regiment they were in, and even visited some of the battle sites and if they survived the war, etc.  On the confererate side I had an ancestor at the dead angle at Kennesaw Mtn who survived the war.

But on the other side I have a true hero who was a bridge burner in 1861.  I am dedicated to find out all the details I can find on the bridge burners, who they really were, (the men themselves and their families).  I am in process of putting together hundreds of pages of documents and photos and will be dedicating a website to them and their families.

Which brings me to a question that maybe someone can point me in a direction to find.  I am search for two specific things at the moment.  One was the true location of Castle Fox ( the old Knoxville, Tn jail) where my ancestor was held and was hung from the gallows in front.  I have reason to believe it was located where the old courthouse now stands.  Would anyone know of any old photos or sketches of Castle Fox. 
The 2nd is the detailed account of the hanging of CA Haun.  It is supposed to be in an issue of the Knoxville Register, dated Dec 12, 1861.  CA was hung on Dec 11.  I have found reference in the Dec 14 is of the Memphis newspaper that the Knoxville Register printed a detailed account.

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